Thursday, November 19, 2009

ChicBuds For Audiophiles

I love to listen to audio books. Fortunately my library has a subscription to to NetLibrary that allows me to feed my habit for free. I download audiobooks to my IPod and listen to them everywhere. I listen to John Sandford while cooking dinner. I listen to Undead and Unwed while doing laundry. I listen to a Goldy Bear Culinary Mystery while at work. I listen to....well, you get the point.

The biggest problem that I had while wearing my ear buds was the cord getting caught in drawers or on door knobs. Then I discovered Chicbuds (Watermelon on White seen here). The retractable cords shorten so the cord doesn't get caught and pull out of my IPod. I have problems with other ear buds popping out of my ears, but these stay because they are designed for the smaller ears of women. They aren't merely functional, but also attractive. ChicBuds are detailed with Swarovski Crystals. You aren't just sporting ear buds, but "ear candie."

They are popular with ladies of all ages. My son gave a pair of ChicBuds to a friend as a high school graduation present. She loved them. It wasn't just a polite, "Oh, thank-you." I ran into her at the store where she was sporting her ChicBuds. If you have a niece or daughter that is dying to get her ears pierced, but isn't allowed to take that step this is good option. She can add style and color to ears while having ear buds that are with adjustable cords.

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