Friday, August 24, 2012

Children Are Not Chattel

There are lots of words being thrown about about women, the election, stupid politicians, and the presumption that all women are pro-choice.  We can agree on many things.  One is that from time-to-time politicians will say stupid things.  Whether it's declaring we have 57 states, almost anything a couple of vice presidents have said, or certain candidates in Missouri.  

I am a pro-life woman.  It's not because I'm over 50.  I was pro-life in high school. I remember having a huge argument with my then boyfriend over the issue.  There was one sure way of not getting pregnant and that was my course of action (non-action?).  He couldn't get that I saw conception as the creation of life.  

I believe that every life have value and is deserving of human dignity.  Children are not chattel to be disposed of at will.  Children are not chattel to be gotten rid of because they are an inconvenience.  

I cannot support candidates that are willing to commit gendercide.  The allowing of abortion ONLY because the child is a girl.  How is this pro-woman?  This is one of the worst examples of a war on women.

Illinois state Senator Obama three times opposed a state bill to provide legal protection for babies who are born alive during abortions.  It is not enough to take the life of a child in the womb.  It is permissible to kill a child outside the womb.  

I can hear some now, "But what about rape and incest?"  First, let's be honest.  If we're talking incest we are talking about rape.  How did that become the catch phrase?  In what other area do we demand that a child be put to death for the crime of the father?  I know many families and organizations that would gladly help support the woman during pregnancy; this includes housing, medical, counseling, and the adopt the child if she decides she is not ready to be a mother.  How often is that option even discussed?  

Recently someone screamed at me, "What about the children already in poverty?"  That's why pro-life organizations around the country collect infant supplies and help support young mothers.  Feminists for Life is a wonderful organization that works to support women who have made the tough decision to raise their children.  Then there are the food banks, social service programs, etc., that are run by churches to offer assistance.  My church has a job club to help people improve their skills to find a job or get a better job to support their families.  

"What about the death penalty?"  Sorry, I'm womb-to-tomb pro-life. I don't support the death penalty.  I do want to ask when we began equating an unborn child with a convicted felon.  

I could discuss the racist funds that support Planned Parenthood, the eugenics philosophy of Margaret Sanger, or the selfish idea that children are disposable if they are inconvenient.  I'm choosing not to do that.  Let me just close with the basic idea:

Children are not chattel and are deserving of basic human dignity.  

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Unmitigated TRUTH: The American Divorce Agreement

The Unmitigated TRUTH: The American Divorce Agreement: By George: As you know by now, from time to time I will reprint something that I receive via email if I believe my readers will enjoy. Th...

Returning To Duty

It's been two years since I posted my last blog comment. Current political events and the constant drumbeat against women who don't fit a certain "style" has prompted my return. I'll post in the coming days my ramblings about "fairness," stinginess of heart (Biden's 1.4% donation rate for last year), the "Buffet Rule," and the latest handbag I cannot live without.

I hope you will join me. I welcome your opinion as long as it's stated respectfully do the same. Remember, no name calling, unless you're telling me I look fabulous.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Pushing the Envelope Around The World

I recently returned from a trip to Israel and Jordan. Of course I noticed clothing. I realized that no matter where you are young women who are expected to dress to a specific code will push the envelope.

Here in the US we have many women who follow a dress code. In some areas of country you can almost pick out specific denominations (yes, I know some would object to that term) based on their "uniform." The ankle length denim skirt, three-quarter sleeve, and long hair will shout out their church affiliation. I found one church's "don't" list:

  • no jewelry
  • no nail polish
  • no cutting hair
  • no piercings (ears too)
  • no tattoos
  • no beards on guys
  • no shorts on guys
  • no pants on girls
  • no short sleeves on girls
  • no short skirts

Yet, teenagers will find a way to rebel. There are the denim skirts slit up to above the knee, fishnet stockings, and boots. One young woman wore her hair long, but teased up to a height where I feared it would be caught in ceiling fans.

Young Christian women are not alone in being within the letter of the law, but not the spirit. In Jordan I saw Islamic teens wearing the hijab, a long sleeved top, but jeans so tight I worried for the circulation in their legs.

In Tiberius, Israel, the Orthodox Jewish teens also liked to skirt (insert eye roll here) tzniut (modesty). While they wore sleeves which reached the wrists and long skirts, the t-shirts were very form fitting.

So, while parents wail and gnash their teeth over the Abercrombie & Fitch ads teens all over are finding ways to buck the rules intended to encourage modesty. Why? Because that's what teens do. They are simply being teens, finding their own identity by pushing against adult expectations.

Parents, take a deep breath and relax. Remember to pick your battles wisely. When my youngest son decided that he only wore black I didn't fight it. I simply said, 'No skulls.' I gave him room to be himself. I do have to admit the bunny skulls on his girlfriend's hoodie are very cute.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Manish Arora At Paris Fashion Week

When the catwalk features black, grey, and more black when color stomps the runway I take notice. In Paris earlier this month there was the rainbow presented by Manish Arora.

I was amazed at the beautiful colors that made my think "Tiffany Windows!" Every single look sparkled, shined, or featured beautiful stained glass looks. The models wore futuristic wigs in neon colors and some carried motorcycle helmets that matched their clothing.

In an AP interview Arora commented, "We took familiar codes of the Art Deco period and, in a word, messed them up. We pushed everything so far into the future that it's hardly recognizable." The Delhi, India, based designer explained that he was partly inspired by stills from Fritz Lang's Metropolis (one of the great silent films).

You can view the Paris runway show here:

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wearing The Military Look

Been there done that. When you reach a certain age you see trends coming in and out of style. In the case of the Military Look I've literally been there and done that. Having served in the Army for 6 years donning fatigues and camo doesn't have quite the same attraction that it does for others.

I remember when in the 80s fatigue pants were all the rage. I wore a pair of my old pants, with holes in the pockets and no longer acceptable for work. I was out and about one weekend when a man in his early 30s approached me. He chastised me for taking something he wore to defend the US and trivializing it. I calmly pulled my Army ID from my pocket. He apologized and we laughed over the incident.

So....if you decide to wear camouflage or other aspects of the Military Look make sure you do it respectfully. A way to embrace this look is to think more marching band than battle uniform. Beyonce in this Balmain jacket is the perfect balance. The style is more Crimean War than Operation Enduring Freedom.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Looking For Clothing & Jewelry Designers

Are you a designer? I'm looking for conservative clothing and jewelry designers to feature for upcoming articles. Are you a jewelry designer who has created a tea bag pin? Are you a clothing designer who has clothed politicians or their families? Think Star Spangled Ice Cream for fashion.

Send a .jpg an background details about yourself and I will contact you for more information: fasnionistapolitica @