Friday, March 12, 2010

Manish Arora At Paris Fashion Week

When the catwalk features black, grey, and more black when color stomps the runway I take notice. In Paris earlier this month there was the rainbow presented by Manish Arora.

I was amazed at the beautiful colors that made my think "Tiffany Windows!" Every single look sparkled, shined, or featured beautiful stained glass looks. The models wore futuristic wigs in neon colors and some carried motorcycle helmets that matched their clothing.

In an AP interview Arora commented, "We took familiar codes of the Art Deco period and, in a word, messed them up. We pushed everything so far into the future that it's hardly recognizable." The Delhi, India, based designer explained that he was partly inspired by stills from Fritz Lang's Metropolis (one of the great silent films).

You can view the Paris runway show here:

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