Monday, January 11, 2010

Hounds Tooth Fashion

Having a graduate degree from the University of Alabama means that when I see a houndstooth pattern I think of the 'Bama football team (2010 National Champions!). It's not that I'm a big football fan. I can count on two fingers the number of football games I've seen from start to finish, but the houndstooth pattern was the signature of Coach Bear Bryant's hat. So, I often disregard coats and scarves featuring this classic pattern.

Then suddenly I began seeing houndstooth all over the place in the fashion world. This checked pattern has notched corners that suggests a dog's tooth. It is traditionally black and white. The French call it pied de pole (chicken's foot).

On the runway designers such as Alexander McQueen and Michael Kors featured houndstooth patterns. Some designers have moved away from the traditional black and white giving us red and black or blue and black patterns. Like stripes or animal print a little can go a long way. Accessories allow you to incorporate this fashion statement without investing in a dress or blouse that you may find too much. This Keffiyah (Head Scarf) is an exotic way to wear this pattern. Go for Michael Kors' houndstooth gloves for a visual punch.


  1. nice article it is so simple and beautiful i like it........
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  2. Thanks! I'm looking for some fun houndstooth gloves now. Maybe in brown and black.

  3. hi! i started knitting cowls in houndstooth, for sale at my shop! I got a custom order for an 8ft scarf in that pattern. It is a plague, Anti-houndstooth.

  4. Ah, you must be Auburn fans :-D

    For those of you outside Alabama or not college football fans, the great rivalry in Alabama college football is between the University of Alabama (Roll Tide) and Auburn University.

    Houndstooth is not for everyone. That's why fashion is so personal. I hate ruffles and cringe at ruffles on blouses.


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