Monday, October 19, 2009

Passagiato Con Me

Let's take a passagiato* through fashion and current events. I love fashion, but am not a slave to labels. This blog was started after reading one more fashion magazine that marginalized conservatives. The attitude was that conservative women are stupid and we wear ugly clothes.

So, here I am carving out my own space. I'm not alone and am not in competition with the big magazines or other bloggers. In fact I invite you to visit the If you find other voices in the wilderness please share them with us.

Where am I politically? I've been a registered Independent since the 1980 election (you can guess my age from there) when I supported John B. Anderson. Why? He supported the Equal Rights Amendment. I used to describe myself as a 'Conservative Liberal' before the phrase moderate was bandied about. It was Bill Clinton that finally pushed me into my conservative identity.

I love clothes. I love the art of clothing. I don't have one specific style. You are just as likely to find me in a silk shirt as a rag sweater. If this blog speaks to you than in the words of my best TV boyfriend, Tim Gunn, let's "make it work."

*--The Italian tradition of passagiato where, after a leisurely meal, people walk in their Sunday best on the main street of their communities. So, I invite you to stroll with me (con me).

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